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Female Therapist Near Me - Katherine Mahan
Katherine Mahan Richmond, VA
1 month licensed
My practice is entirely virtual. I am able to see clients in Colorado, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) with more than a decade of post-graduate clinical experience. I’m also a human being who’s living in this beautiful, challenging world, just like you. My favorite clients are bright, young-ish (18-40ish) adults asking tough questions about themselves and their world, seeking to find meaning, joy, and growth. If you are looking for a warm and collaborative space to process your emotions and maybe get some podcast recommendations along the way, we might be a good fit. Oh, and if the phrase “Highly Sensitive Person” means something to you (or feels like it should), I’ve got you. Along with emerging adulthood and adjustment difficulties, interest areas include interpersonal and/or romantic relationship issues, grief, gender and sexuality concerns, anxiety, and depression. My strengths as a clinician include forging strong relationships with my clients and providing them with various resources to help them better understand themselves and the world.
Female Therapists Near Me - Titania Grant
Titania Grant Montclair, NJ
Anxiety, Depression, Stress
1 month licensed
(973) 226-2852
I am a Licensed Professional Counselor with extensive experience in the field, having practiced for several years. Holding licenses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, I specialize in providing therapy to adults aged 18 and older. I accept most major insurance plans and private pay. My areas of expertise include supporting clients dealing with challenges such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, communication difficulties, and work-related stress. In my practice, I prioritize tailoring therapy to meet the unique needs of each client. This involves developing individualized treatment plans that address specific concerns and goals. My overarching goal is to empower clients by equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively navigate the challenges of daily life. During the initial sessions, I place a strong emphasis on building rapport and trust between the client and therapist. Creating a safe and supportive environment is paramount to facilitating meaningful progress in therapy. I believe that creating a safe and supportive environment is essential for fostering meaningful progress and facilitating positive outcomes in therapy.
Woman Therapist Near Me - Jane Navas
Jane Navas Montclair, NJ
Anxiety, Depression
1 month licensed
(973) 375-1509
I have over six years of experience in the mental health field. Some of my experiences include working with clients who suffer from depression, anxiety, parenting, stress management, and low self esteem. I frequently utilizes person-centered theory, CBT skills, teaching benefits of ‘radical acceptance’, and learning how to live in the ‘here and now’. I utilize active and empathic listening skills and offers warm acceptance to help provide direct emotional support to my clients. I collaborate with my clients to help them learn healthy coping mechanisms and navigate life successfully. Recognizing the uniqueness and value of each individual's life experiences, I believe that starting the therapeutic process by meeting the person where they are is essential. Clients might be urged to engage in coping strategies like journaling, incorporating exercise as a stress-relief outlet, and exploring creative activities to articulate challenging emotions.

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